WHO IS spiderkelly

spiderkelly is an RVA-based band that plays the songs you love.

We play the songs you grew up with, the songs that shaped you.

We play the songs you sing at the top of your lungs when nobody's watching.

We play the songs that move you. 

We came together for a love of music and playing live. All of us have full-time lives. We don't "need" to play clubs and private events. We play shows because each of us has a deep love for great music, especially live music. 

Each of us are long-time musicians and artists. That's why when we play Coldplay, it sounds like Coldplay. That's why when we play Led Zeppelin, Jane's voice can hits the top floor of Robert Plant's wailing. And when we play songs from artists like Beastie Boys, Beck and Stevie Nicks, our audiences feel like they're spending time with their favorite mixtape. 

Our fan base generously supports the clubs and halls we play. We take great care to ensure our private event sponsors get their money's worth from booking us. 

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